Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

As industry experts, we recognize the value and differentiators that each technology can bring to your team.  This allows us to build partnerships with the most promising vendors in the market, stay ahead of emerging industry trends, pinpoint technologies evangelizing the space, and provide enterprises with intelligence and consultancy to fill gaps in today's ever-changing landscape.

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- People -

- Process -

- Technology -

Complete workforce analysis which includes roles, skill sets, and competencies in order to deliver a hiring plan that will maximize your competitiveness in the market.

Comprehensive analysis of your resources and technology in order to deliver a process solution that makes your team the most efficient and productive as possible.

We deliver a full scale analysis of your current technology stack to identify gaps to deliver a customized solution that is right for your people, process, and business.

Our Solutions

Advanced Malware Protection

Our team strategically selects vendors that provide real-time detection of sophisticated malware. We provide visibility and context to uncover the progression of multi-level malware attacks - with the ability to disrupt and remediate attacks to mitigate data loss.

Average Malware attack cost per company


of Enterprises are concerned with Internet of Things in the Workplace

Detection & Response

Detecting a compromised system is extremely critical no matter what level of prevention a system may have. Hexavera deploys a defense in depth strategy for your organization. When a layer fails, it fails safely to a known state and sounds an alarm. Self-healing systems in response to a compromise should be enriched to be able to roll back to previous good i.e. normal state.


of businesses have good visibility of all critical data in the cloud.  58% say they have slight control

Cloud Management

Cloud adoption is accelerating faster than previously anticipated. Gartner predicts that through the next 3 years, at least 95 percent of cloud security failures will be at fault of misconfiguration. Cloud cost management and optimization is both a security and financial concern. Our cloud solutions enable business growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving digital era.

Continuous Monitoring

Hexavera leverages the industry’s top monitoring solutions. Our partnerships allow for real-time event analysis and status of your network as well as the activity of all users and hosts. As a result, you are able to improve the organization's overall security posture with greater visibility and actionable insights for events.


days on average for a company to detect a data breach and another 19-40 days to mitigate the negative effects

Detection & Response

Detecting a compromised system is extremely critical no matter what level of prevention a system may have.  Hexavera deploys a defense in depth strategy for your organization.  When a layer fails, it fails safely to a known state and sounds an alarm.  Self-healing systems in response to a compromise should be enriched to be able to roll back to a previous normal state

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Threat Intelligence

of Cybersecurity Pros Agree: Cyber Threat Intelligence Improves Prevention, Detection, and Response Capabilities

In today’s ever-evolving cyber threat realm, Threat Intelligence provides the necessary means to protect enterprises from external and internal threats. Our Threat Intelligence solutions permit enterprises to develop a dynamic cybersecurity posture and to fortify internal risk management policies.

of employees in organizations surveyed by the BSA admitting to installing outside software on work computers


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Compliance & Regulation

Modern enterprises conduct business in an extremely complex, and dynamic global environment. With the rapid pace of compliance and regulatory change, Hexavera leverages the most robust solutions for enterprises to comply with regulations and stay up to date. We strive to reduce cost by adding automation into the equation. 

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Our Services

01 / Consulting & Training Services

Comprehensive analysis of your people, process, and technology aimed at identifying current gaps and recommending solutions that fit your specific needs.

02 / Security Transformation

Our systematic approach will identify risks, assess vulnerabilities, and secure existing layers of data and communications. We will work with organizations to reduce risks to acceptable levels which will eliminate potential financial and reputational harm.

03 / Continuous Diagnostics & Monitoring

Monitor and identify suspicious behaviors within your environment to understand potential and existing security gaps that exist within your IT stack.


Who Is Hexavera?

Our Story

Hexavera was established by industry professionals with over 40 years of varying experience in the IT, Process, and Cybersecurity sectors. Using weekly meet-ups to discuss various challenges encountered within each of their professions, they quickly realized that their combined unique experience could develop an extremely competitive IT and Cybersecurity Value Added Reseller (VAR) and Consulting business targeted at delivering solutions to drive business value for the customers they support.

Our Mission

At Hexavera, we are IT & Cybersecurity professionals who strive to deliver state of the art solutions and services tailored to meet our clients' individual needs in the new and emerging technology space.

How? We have built partnerships with the most promising IT and Cybersecurity vendors in the market to deliver holistic, customized solutions.

Hexavera stays ahead of industry trends, knows which technologies are the most advanced in the field, and provides enterprises with intelligence and consultancy to keep companies secure, efficient, and compliant.

Our Technology

Our expertise and portfolio are the best of breed technology for Cybersecurity, Cloud, Application Lifecycle, Big Data, IT Consolidation, and IT Management solutions.
The advantage of Hexavera includes strategic and prequalified partnerships with industry leading, emerging technology companies in which products and services have been proven to not only work, but also add value to growing organizations. Our sales and engineering experts have the certifications and experiences required to help agencies of any size and verticals. Hexavera is your best partner and next solution to solve critical public and private sector challenges.


Our Partners

We have a comprehensive and strategic partner strategy which will always keep Hexavera and our clients at the forefront of the technology revolution.  We have partnerships with some of the best companies in the world but will only recommend solutions that are right for our clients.  We may have some of the best solutions available but that doesn't mean they are always right for you.  Our goal is different than most and that is reflective in our approach.  Unlike other VARs, we aim to realize our clients needs and then match our clients with the right solutions.  This is why we do not advertise our partners and why we do not limit our reach to the partnerships that we have today.  We will do the due diligence to find you the solution that is right for you.

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