Security Transformation

-Incident Response-

Even with today’s most comprehensive perimeter and internal network security architectures, a significant cyber outbreak will cause damage to an organizations reputation and property. HevaVera’s Incident Responses Team takes on the role to respond against security breaches, viruses, and other potentially catastrophic incidents in enterprises.

HexaVera’s Incident Response service is available by phone, onsite, or remote in the event of an emergency and act as the advisor as part of technology risk management.


-Social Engineering-

The weakest link of any information system are the human beings using it. Users in an organization hold valuable information that, in the wrong hands can be used to exploit company assets. HexaVera Social Engineering services utilize a variety of methods such as phishing, smsphishing, bating, or piggybacking in an attempt to extract key company information or gaining access to restricted areas.


The team at HexaVera validates current security-training efforts by establishing strengths and weaknesses with simulated attack scenarios. Ethical social engineering services are a true assessment of an organization’s security training and awareness practices.

-Vulnerability Assessment-

Example - Proactively fortify your high-risk information assets against emerging threats with AccessIT Group's Vulnerability Assessment and Vulnerability Testing services. In a Vulnerability Assessment, AccessIT Group security engineers perform a top-to-bottom inspection of your network and it's known points of vulnerability, providing insight into the safety and security of your critical information and assets. AccessIT Group's Vulnerability Testing examines your points of vulnerability and reports the potential damage that could be incurred if a threat were to breach these gateways.

-Threat Mapping Assessment-

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