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Operations: We Walk the Walk

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

At Hexavera, we have an edge over our competition because of our years of professional experience implementing our value added services for small to large private sector companies that we have personally worked for. We have lived, breathed, and solved for a lot of the same problems that your company may be facing today, and with incredible success. This experience is the reason we are able to deliver with such success but this is not what we are here to talk about today...

Today, we are going to discuss internal operations, how important it is to maximize your toolset usage, and how to tie that into your internal processes and resource skillset so that all three pillars compliment one another. Perfecting our internal people, process, and toolset landscape will act as the glue that maximizes your experience with us.

Top talent is maximized by process and tools

Choosing the right partnership is absolutely critical to the short and long term success of your project. A partner is typically evaluated by long drawn out research, internet searching, word of mouth, cost analysis, or company size and scalability. It's very rare that in choosing a partner you assess their internal operations and toolsets to make sure that they are practicing what's being preached. There is nothing worse than signing a contract and then finding out the hard way that communication is difficult, invoicing is slow, tools don't integrate, or that they're still running AOL on an old Windows 98 OS. We've all experienced these pain points and there is nothing more frustrating than poor communication, lost documentation, errors, inconsistencies, and lost time. To us, our internal operations mixed with our professional services will maximize our value add to you.

Hexavera maximizes your experience

All of our major tools are tightly integrated so that we are able to automate as much as possible. This allows us to spend more time on the things that matter most, like you. Internal operations may be overlooked from time to time but we promise to remain ahead of the rest of the field and to continuously improve. We believe that the quality of our internal operations directly impacts the success of our projects and the relationships with our partners and clients. This will become evident when you choose us for your next project.

At Hexavera, we don't cut corners. Our internal operational processes, talent, and tools maximize your experience with us, and we are transparent about it.

- Pat McClain, COO

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