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The Cybersecurity Landscape

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

The world of cyber-security is in a constant state of change. From firewalls to intrusion detection to sandboxing and next-generation endpoints, the market continues to evolve at a rapid pace with new vendors and technological capabilities entering the scene year after year. While many options exist for security professionals to utilize and secure their infrastructure, hackers seemingly stay ahead and find new ways inside even the toughest of environments to steal data and cause damage. It’s of no surprise when you turn on the news, scrolling through your Twitter feed or overhear from a colleague at work that a company that you have entrusted with your own personal data with has been breached.

As security professionals, we know that no technology out there is ever perfect. And even if you’re not in cybersecurity - it’s self-evident that our personal data is at risk on a daily basis. Be it the financial institutions we depend on with our money or the doctors we visit and entrust our health information with, the question remains - what is the best way for these enterprises, organizations and government entities to prevent the inevitable and mitigate the damage as quickly as possible?

Every network, infrastructure, and environment is unique. In our field - time is of absolute essence and talent is in a state of perpetual shortage. Our vision is simple. We want to stay ahead of market trends and deliver technologies that are evangelizing the space. Our partners are all innovators in their own right and we want to bring our value by providing you with intelligence to stay ahead of the curve. It is our goal to understand where security is at today and be able to forecast where we project it to go years down the line.

The onset of AI and machine learning has allowed visionaries to stay ahead. But as capabilities such as deep learning, neural networking, automation, and many others continue to evolve - we at Hexavera want to provide you with that knowledge, allow you to differentiate between those technologies, determine what’s of critical to you, and help you decide on the solution that can meet your specific need and ensure the investment you make aligns with the roadmap you envision for your organization.

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