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Updated: Aug 18, 2019

In 2019, organizations face a wide range of risks that can cause financial loss and reputation damage; anything from natural disasters to market fluctuations, and cyber threats. Most, if not all companies are in the midst of moving from full ownership of data with on-premise environments to handing it off to a third-party cloud provider. We are tackling these priorities through our strategic partnerships in order to adapt to the new era of security. The Hexavera team will work with you to plan for risk management, reduce your IT operational complexity, and develop a security architecture that is best for your business.

The security transformation trend is moving past traditional perimeter defenses to the adoption of behavioral analysis and artificial intelligence based network monitoring algorithms. Perimeter defenses based on policies and alerts are being bypassed. New challenges from threat actors are using advanced persistence methodologies. Behavioral analysis solutions and AI networking monitoring are able to auto identify, and in real-time automatically create software protections to detect and shield most important assets. Fighting cyber-crime with self-healing frameworks adds a new layer of resiliency.

Gartner predicts that in 2020, 60 percent of IT spending will be outside of traditional IT departmental control. In turn, this growing trend is creating new challenges for businesses. If cybersecurity measures are not embedded early, organizations will face challenges relating to security, risk, and privacy. For years, technology vendors have promoted the single pane of glass (SPOG) as a silver bullet for operational efficiency. There is no such thing as a SPOG tool that will provide you with perfect visibility and control into your network, servers and applications.

Integration of cybersecurity processes and strengthening digital transformation projects often occur in various stages and will need the industry experts to navigate the solutions available. Choosing the right team is paramount and using trusted, vetted vendors will enable you to:

  • Address risk management and compliance requirements, which are critical in the growing interdependencies of risk metrics. This will ensure the organization has a 360-degree view of the activities that will address one or more regulations.

  • Reduce the complexity of your security architecture. Integrate two or more security vendors together, automating processes through workflows while saving time from manual tasks.

  • Write a cyber plan for yesterday's issues, today's goals, and tomorrow's plans. Understand the cyber defense maturity of your business and implement a plan that will prioritize investments, align with business objectives, and stay ahead of mandatory regulatory and compliance pressures.

It is critical that cyber risk management, IT operational complexity, and strategic planning are part of your proactive cybersecurity plan. These concepts should not be introduced after an attack has occurred because at that point, it is too late. These projects must be included from the outset and implemented into the standard operational practices of the business. The pressure in digital deployments today have created the "always on" mentality. As data expands across networks, protecting your assets must be your first priority.

Hexavera's elite team aims to deliver only the best quality products to our clients. Our engineers and channel managers have strategically partnered with emerging technology vendors with the mission to maximize user experience and reduce operational overhead. Our personal experience with the vendors enables our clients to get absolute most out of their chosen solution. Hexavera's digital transformation strategy aims to leverage the opportunities of new technologies and make an impact faster, better and in more innovative way for your future.

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