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Our team comes from various IT backgrounds which gives us competitive advantage and allows us to deliver complete workforce analysis which includes roles, skillsets, and competencies in order to deliver a customized solution that will maximize your competitiveness in the market and set your company up for success for years to come 



We will conduct a full scale analysis of your current technology stack and leverage the information from the people and process reports to deliver a customized technology solution that is right for your business.



Your process should meet the needs of the people and technology that make your company a success. We will deliver a comprehensive analysis of your resources and technology in order to deliver a process solution that makes your team the most efficient and productive as possible.  Our analysis includes workflow and development   pipelines, DevOps, and triage.


Our team has exclusive experience transforming billion dollar companies from traditional methodologies to current full stack Agile teams.  We will work with you through this transition by analyzing your current operational model to recommend solutions that will work specifically for your company.  Our solutions are customized based on your needs, not the Agile Manifesto. 


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