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Agile and your cybersecurity teams:

In a world of rapid change, it is imperative that your teams are able to execute planned work in a predictable way.  At the same time, your teams must have the maturity to react quickly when vulnerabilities are identified in order to minimize the threat and impact your organization.  At Hexavera, we offer a suite of training, maturity models, and dashboard consulting that will help you build high performing teams.  We have extensive experience leading large scale, global process change initiatives at medium to large enterprises.  Our coaching and implementation of process and toolset changes have resulted in increased predictability, improved productivity, maximized end-user value, increased efficiency, and reduced cost across global enterprises. 

We are agilists with a little 'a'.  We believe that each company faces their own distinct challenges that require real life, results driven solutions.  Marrying your agile process with cybersecurity best practices will maximize the value added to your customers while protecting your company from internal and external threats.  This creates a perfect balance of iterative software development and cybersecurity so that your customers are confident in your ability to deliver best in class solutions that are trusted and secured.  We deliver solutions for your Engineering, DevOps, Cybersecurity, and other related organizations to ensure holistic end-to-end solutions.

Our approach:

Hexavera uses custom, industry proven techniques that can help your team no matter where they are on the agile maturity scale.  We are results driven and we measure the changes that are applied so that our customers can can see the impact of our engagement.  We are strong believers in data driven decision making and bake this concept into every solution that we deliver.  There is little our experts cannot solve but we want to make sure we're the right fit.  If you have any questions check out below:


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